Two graduate students, two archaeologists, two feminists, two queer ladies!

By: Taryn Muchnick

I’m a queer woman who is married to another woman, but I don’t like to define my sexuality in specific terms or label myself. TBD the Podcast is a safe and inclusive space to learn about and discuss queer issues in a way that’s both casual and meaningful at the same time. It’s all about acceptance and talking about issues that affect everyone, but they do a really good job of including and highlighting queer people, especially queer women.

You know those times you’re out with friends and you find yourselves so deep in conversation that you’ve been talking for hours, but it feels like no time has gone by? That’s what TBD The Podcast feels like when you listen to it. It’s like intimate dinner conversation mixed with one-on-one talks with your best friend, plus the intellectual element of a good seminar with an inspirational professor all rolled into one!

Scotti and Gabe do a wonderful job as hosts and are welcoming to their listeners, as well as their special guests. Despite their niche career path, high level of education, and international (for Gabe) background, they are one hundred percent relatable, and their guests are as well. You are automatically transported to where they are, and it feels like you’re on the couch chatting and drinking wine right alongside them. They do a great job of speaking on topic, but they also let the conversation organically flow and evolve. Sometimes it ends up a little “heavier”, and sometimes it ends up a little more light hearted. But, no matter what, they always end the show on a positive note with their “What Is Making You Happy” segment which is always a nice send off. They also use a “What Is Making You Mad” segment at the beginning as a jumping off point for the issues they discuss. But really, it’s more about things they are concerned about and issues they’d like to touch on, even if they don’t relate to that particular episode topic. As new (as of November 2017) podcasters, I can see and hear the growth and maturity in these hosts as they get more and more comfortable being recorded. It’s fun to experience this from day one / episode one — it feels like you’re growing alongside them!

Another great aspect of this podcast is that you don’t feel behind if you miss an episode or two. While they certainly do touch on politics, US and international, you can listen to an episode a few days or weeks later and have it still be relevant. The episodes all have a cohesive feel, but you would also probably be perfectly satisfied listening to them as one-offs. In a world where everything seems to move way too fast, it’s nice to avoid that feeling of never being caught up. But, if you do miss one, they are the perfect length – typically 35-45 minutes – to listen on a walk with your dog or a round trip car ride doing errands.

Overall, TBD the Podcast is a very enjoyable listen. It keeps my attention, even though I tend to have some ADD tendencies. I look forward to each new episode, and seeing the show develop further in the process.


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