Interview: Terrance Loewl

By Gabriela

You probably read the Filling the Blanks blog post that we published back in October. Terrance, a senior at a Nashville high school, put together an event to showcase queer history. This interview (several months after the event) highlights Terrance experiences and reflections on the event and the importance of teaching and making Queer history available for younger generations.

You can check event photos and Terrance description of that day here.

Event organizer: Terrance Loewl
Terrance Loewl – Filling the blanks conference

Update! we now have the videos of the event

Thanks to Julie Chase from Out and About Nashville who filmed the event.

Session 1 ‘ Out of the Closets and Into the Streets:ACT UP, Queer Nation, and LGBTQ In/Visibility

by Dr. Roberta Chevrette (she/her) from Middle Tennessee State University.

Session 2 – Social Movements In/Of the 1960s

By Dr. LaToya Eaves (she/her) who is also from MTSU.

 Session 3 -Erasure and Bias in Archaeology

Introductory video by Gabriela Oré

Session 4 – Diverse Lesbian Identities in the 1920s

by Roberta Nelson (they/them) from Vanderbilt University’s center for LGBTQIA life

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