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  • Here you will find a list of podcasts made by fellow archaeologists. Enjoy!

TBD The Podcast

“Scotti and Gabe do a wonderful job as hosts and are welcoming to their listeners, as well as their special guests. Despite their niche career path, high level of education, and international (for Gabe) background, they are one hundred percent relatable, and their guests are as well. You are automatically transported to where they are, and it feels like you’re on the couch chatting and drinking wine right alongside them.” (Taryn Muchnick – https://queerarchaeology.com/2018/02/14/tbd_the_podcast/ )

A Life in Ruins

“Carlton Gover, Connor Johnen and David Howe are three friends that went to graduate school together and decided to start a podcast. Join them once a month for witty conversation, amazing guests, and a bit of profanity – all in the name of science. Join them in their lives in ruins.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/6XmxV9U4fwxhZTfWTTMnqo?si=GDowEpPOTkqFNoesBdNb-A&dl_branch=1)

Peopling of the Past

“Join host Dr. Chelsea Gardner and co-hosts Dr. Carolyn Laferièrre and Dr. Melissa Funke for a journey through under-explored aspects of archaeology, history, and everyday life in the ancient Mediterranean. Every week we feature an expert whose cutting-edge research sheds light on the real people who lived in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and beyond.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/7btYpd4FQOoqd4J9sdSAUd?si=dfJpg73SSwqAr4Q2triSjQ&dl_branch=1)

Ancient History Podcast

“A podcast for all ancient history fans! The Ancients is dedicated to discussing our distant past. Featuring interviews with historians and archaeologists, each episode covers a specific theme from antiquity. From Neolithic Britain to the Fall of Rome. Hosted by Tristan Hughes.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/1DQF5Yi3m6LykJDwiy8qxh?si=e4hsCPUdTfC2vrM_NXIPwQ&dl_branch=1)

I Dig It

“Follow Alyssa and Michaela as they dive into a podcast about experiences going through the various stages of being an archaeologist. In this podcast, we talk about navigating through academia, entering the workforce and different routes you can take after graduation. Not to mention the other facets of archaeology found in media, reading, and gaming!” (https://open.spotify.com/show/3H3qbs4hPXX8sNltdWkR1A?si=7QuE5u_mRT-9_4us7rFudA&dl_branch=1)

The Extreme History Project: The Dirt on the Past

“Welcome to The Dirt on the Past from The Extreme History Project and Gallatin Valley Community Radio, KGVM. Whether digging up a site or dusting off the archives, we bring you some of the most fascinating and cutting edge research in history and archaeology, and discuss why it matters today. Join co-hosts, Crystal Alegria and Nancy Mahoney as we converse with professionals in the fields of history, archaeology, and anthropology who bring the past…into the present.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/5FDUTgJ7mQpEBJeRWTg2bj?si=9HyKxADjTg-VidBjCpjjtA&dl_branch=1)

That Anthro Podcast

“Welcome to the podcast dedicated to Anthropology. On this podcast we will investigate different topics in anthropology, as well as interviewing a wide range of guests to hear about some of their experiences and learn about the remarkable research they are producing. This podcast is based out of UC Santa Barbara, and guests will include professors, graduate students, alumni and more” (https://open.spotify.com/show/3HU129qfr5FZfqF9uyvim8?si=vYbLxoyTSzCe9FmabGkGEA&dl_branch=1)

Amplify Archaeology – Abarta Heritage

“At Abarta Heritage, we try to tell the story of Ireland through our informative and immersive audio guides, audiobooks and podcasts. Our professionally narrated guides are packed with facts and information but are also full of music and sound effects to help immerse you in the story. We have guides for all over Ireland, and they can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or at the site. So hit play and let us whisk you off to Ireland’s past!” (https://soundcloud.com/abartaaudioguides)

Go Dig a Hole

“Go Dig a Hole is a podcast that explores all things related to archaeology, with a mission to make better archaeologists and build a more inclusive archaeology.” (https://soundcloud.com/godigahole)

The Dirt Podcast

“Join Anna and Amber, two friends and big nerds, as we get excited about all the weird, amazing, mysterious, and fascinating stories from our human past.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/07OHpR7zNmnCkvim0gXLzo)

The Archaeology Show

“The Archaeology Show is produced by the Archaeology Podcast Network. It’s hosted by a archaeologist’s Chris Webster and Rachel Roden. We will interview people from around the world in a variety of topics. Enjoy the ride.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/0nyxmbBie2Yd8W0D1CESgm?si=ajeK2f7UQ3CWZMtuhIpKzQ&dl_branch=1)

The CRM Archaeology Podcast

“This show dives into topics related to CRM Archaeology and is hosted by longtime professionals in the field.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/7IH8MJa1c80VZxjkLGQuVA?si=AwuGq1NrRO-FmbPoBW82vA&dl_branch=1)


“This is a show about the connection between animals and humans in the past. Our experts, Alex Fitzpatrick and Simona Falanga will guide you through the interesting world of Zooarchaeology.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/26VirR045dtCPpcBtXAI15?si=acj8PzlUQ1uPKFM_2OWyxw&dl_branch=1)


“Welcome to yesterday. ArchaeoCafé brings you news, interviews and discussions about archaeology and prehistory.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/18kLUzkcugIK4yDknbFPIz?si=xSLxqeG_SLSiU2sBBBj5GA&dl_branch=1)

Women in Archaeology Podcast

Archaeology About, For, and By Women in the Field. Join hosts Chelsi Slotten, Emily Long, Kirsten Lopez, and a rotating panel of guests as they discuss archaeological topics ranging from career planning to subfields, women’s issues to what to take on a dig. We cover all topics as they relate to archaeology and women, and invite you to join the conversation.” (https://womeninarchaeology.com/category/podcast/)

Career In Ruins

“Archaeology? That’s like dinosaurs and stuff isn’t it? Nope. Learn about what archaeology is really all about and how people work within it.” (https://open.spotify.com/show/6DWz3kMrXXezsD3RNLQcUo?si=yW8F1Ws3TYa6U9udNdL0Cg&dl_branch=1)