About Us

Welcome to Queer Archaeology! This website is designed to provide information, resources, and a community for queer archaeologists and archaeological allies.  We hope that you find this website useful for your needs, and please use the form under “Contact Us” if you have any questions or suggestions!

What Does Queer Archaeology Mean?

Queer can be understood as an adjective.  One that defines a person’s identity and all of its complexities but also a way of being in the world. Queer challenges cisnormativity, homophobia, ableism, classism, and white supremacist ideologies.  Queer embraces deviance and difference. A queer archaeology foregrounds how identity in the present shapes our understanding of identity in the past.  It challenges taken for granted assumptions, questioning all aspects of archaeological method, theory and practice.  A queer archaeology can be a radical and transformative practice. A queer archaeology is both founded in and owes a debt to feminist and radical archaeologies.

Queer is a political space.

Queer archaeology is intentionally political.

Queer is an identity.

Queer archaeology challenges what we define as normal.

How to Find Us:

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